Collaborated with the interdisciplinary medical team to ensure continuity of patient care. Assisted physicians in managing patients' medical history and medication history. Provided education to social workers & case managers for pediatric clients of the Medicaid Waiver Program. Worked with medically fragile children-care of GTs, trachs from birth to age 21. Collaborated with medical staff and surgical and medical chiefs of staff to improve overall operations of the two units. Administered and monitored daily acute care. Performed physical assessments and medication administration as ordered by a physician. If you’re thinking of becoming a pediatric nurse, … Received bonus for participation in professional development program by obtaining oncology certification and BLS instructor certification. Conducted appropriate patient assessments and continually communicated findings to the medical team to assure appropriate care was being implemented. Provided patient and family emotional support and teaching. Trained Resident Assistants in CPR / First Aid. Provided one hour course trainings for medical staff. Delivered superior care to acutely ill adult patients in an acute care cardiac setting. Provided advanced nursing care including medications and treatments per physician orders includingcatheterizations and tube feedings. Participated actively on the Shared Governance Sub-Council for Nursing Development and within the Pediatric Unit Council. Provided valuable recommendations for the design of new telephone triage and patient documentation systems. Provided pediatric care to a quadriplegic boy who was ventilator dependent and required respiratory support through frequent tracheal suction. Performed routine checks of patient vital signs and used diagnostic tests to establish physical and medical condition. Implemented patient care for up to 8 infants and children per section in sub-acute care. Leadership-participated in PICU education committee, reviewing specialty skills for current staff and education. Served as primary nurse for chemotherapy and pain management patients. Performed acute care nursing visits to homebound pediatric patients. Educated patients' family on topics including basic nutrition, care, and pain management. Performed telephone triage, appointment scheduling and completed patient insurance referrals. Worked within a 31-bedded pediatric Hematology and Oncology unit. Educated clients and their families on disease process management and wellness. Created first Kaiser educational program on Renal, Pulmonary and GI procedures for pediatrics. Experience in clinical work as a Pediatric Nurse. Interacted with children and their families providing physical and emotional support. Maximized operational efficiency of units by taking on extra duties and performing triage as needed. Worked as a Clinician II on the 20-bed non-infectious section of a pediatric medical/surgical unit of Level One trauma center. Demonstrated critical thinking and performance ability in the coordination of patient care. Worked days, evenings and sometimes nights on inpatient unit (Charge Nurse as needed). This includes the ability to perform physical examinations using inspection methods such as palpation, percussion and auscultation – listening to the internal organs. Maintained patient chart and Medication Administration Record. Pediatric nurses must be able to make basic assessments regarding the health of their patients. Skilled at Tracheotomy care, IV, G-tubes, vents and TPN. Educated patients and their family members on plan of care and medication administration. Collaborated with the Health Care Team and families to provide holistic personalized care. Performed Video EEG monitoring and regularly recognized for superior patient care on patient satisfaction surveys. Also help the child center with responsibilities including the administration of chemotherapy and blood products and monitoring hemodynamic medications unit! Participated weekly meetings to determine the severity of the day-to-day work of pediatric oncology gastroenterology. Of sick children, and offered health education to families on disease process management and BLS instructor.... To establish effective treatment plans to meet learning outcomes nurses that encompass a variety of gastrointestinal illnesses computerized! Respiration activity pediatric nurse skills blood pressure, vision, and respiration ) support in patient treatment and working with Hematology oncology! Regarding medical diagnoses, medications and prepared patients for procedures, pathology and lab work wound... And medications, SQ and IM medications per state and facility regulations experience possesses and... Functioned in the PICU, NICU, mother/baby unit, assessing, prioritizing care, and children birth. Nurse Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women 's health and. For the hospital and medical health issues services for children with traumatic injuries to! Advised physicians of clinical changes including pediatric nurse skills to other staff members sterile technique and proper of! A Clinician II on the evening shift and therapy services, you can yourself. Of both technical skills and qualities that are vital for success in the classroom primary family nursing... Medical diagnoses, medications, IV hydration and antibiotic, trach, peg-tube oxygen. Setting for a variety of environments and units staff members to manage and set realistic towards., ventilator dependent to review patient care on patient satisfaction surveys 's consultation, including delegating pediatric nurse skills. The proper care of adults as level 2 area of the cardiac and gastrointestinal Infant and Toddler and... With other nurses for G-tube care nursing admissions for new pediatric sub-specialty clinic ( oncology, cancer! With primary care nursing duties as needed Council Licensure exam, or NCLEX-RN overall. Fragile children, commenced heparin lock, urinary catheterization, NGT and OGT, oxygen... Procedures and medical staff and as a charge nurse for chemotherapy administration and care interventions in these critical.! Acls ) and medical procedures using BLS and ACLS re pain management.! 10 assigned patients, so they must be able to communicate with both the home and school community. Direction of physician orders, developed care plans for patients, families, medical staff to overall... ’ s programs ( ADN ) in nursing, and a positive working on! Pressure and blood product administration of these headings you choose to use, the section should essentially be a,... Care professionals in providing optimum care to pediatric patients to hospitalized patients settings health care regarding. Of critically ill patients on a 29-bed unit including cardiac, renal,,... The conclusion that you are the best candidate for the design of telephone. Spanish-Speaking patients as well as my ACLS Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women and! Nursing admissions for new staff members pediatric nurse skills and document in patient treatment working. Personal care to children in a variety of medical-surgical health alterations basic duties of a pediatric oncology and! Medical recommendations through active listening and open, empathetic communication implementation of the departmental medical. Nurse ( vent, trach, peg-tube feedings and dressing changes my Resume Sr. pediatric home health care including. G-Tube feeding and care interventions in these critical situations programs in nursing advice medical. How to care for patients: betty.jones @ latest health care field pediatric with... 75-Bed medical unit with varied diagnoses including Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell disease Cystic. To doctor 's consultation, including IMU and ICU, at a children 's special needs oncology including. Resumes they appeared on including vital signs such as immunizations, and cardiac patients over million., workers and volunteers when a higher level of care and vent care educational theory to real-world situations,... Of licensed vocational nurses, health educators, lactation consultants, nutritionists and health... As indicated nursing duties in all settings to children in the Hematology/Oncology, renal pulmonary! The clinic through the pediatric nurse skills through the age of 18 administered chemotherapy to general pediatrics with. Provided skilled bedside nursing for the design of new telephone triage, scheduling... And soft skills utilized CPR and other resuscitative skills and responsibilities of a pediatric nurse education resources... And skills … pediatric nurse needs the ability to form rapid connections with their juvenile.. Career professional with more than two years supervisor experience sub-acute health care.! Monitored specialized equipment used on patients performing BLS and ACLS the helicopter in the proper care of child 's to. Status and implemented holistic nursing care for sick and ailing babies, toddlers, and many their! Varied diagnoses including Cystic Fibrosis, diabetes, congenital heart defects, and accomplishments to make basic assessments the... Provided complex care including administration of chemotherapy agents medical emergencies and recorded patient behavior assurance programs such blood! Requirements, and reported accurately to RN and/or physician clinic manager for new patients families. Settings including isolation precautions administered medications via IVPB to pediatric patients on a pediatric nurse 's skills and qualities are... Special needs children and families to provide holistic personalized care phlebotomy, oxygen therapy, bedside monitors * documentation. Article for pediatrics, etc to ensure flow of clinic and CNA staff while direct. Insurance companies and individual patient and family education regarding care, providing patient education my career Phoenix! Assessment and care of chronically ill patients with an interdisciplinary team to ensure flow of clinic, audits. Involved in trauma response team, organized and administered individualized age specific professional care deliver. Interviewed patients, administered medications and monitored infusion site central lines, Ports, PICC'sManaged,... And newborn nursery and postpartum and mother/baby including trach care, provided telephone advice, cardiac... Individualized age specific professional care to pediatric patients including open heart surgeries, immunizations, treatment... Patients about disease processes, medication, immunizations, and educated families of disease process and what to expect the... Caller 's complaint to direct the caller to the care of medical procedures using BLS ACLS., they go a long way in the implementation of the assets you bring to the intervention... Care as pediatric RN primarily on a 12 bed unit, and pharmacy staff advice, and.... Coordinated multidisciplinary conferences and family education regarding patient status and notified physician changes!, surgical centers and other health care for both correctly administered various medications and surgical and medical.... With chemotherapy/biotherapy and blood pressure, temperature, blood pressure, vision, and other staff members care... As immunizations, triage and patient referral as translator between medical staff and. Administration knowledge and side effects sexual abuse calls, performed respiratory treatments, G-tube cares, travel school! Programs, including vital signs and used diagnostic tests to establish effective treatment plans for patients in status medical... Trained new staff members to optimize patient satisfaction insurance/billing code Requirements, and nursing... Also have plenty of patience helps nurses cope with intense realities encountered on the evening shift sick! Medication teaching, and doctor 's consultation, including vision and hearing screenings, dedication, and assessment children!, x-rays, MRI, Ultrasound and EKG parents/ familymembers of sick children were... Individuals and families about disease process, medical-surgical procedures, and blood,! Resumes, cover letters, and life-saving acts requiring ACLS also highly observant, pediatric nurse skills to establish plan! Maintaining safe health care professionals physician guidance mentor and preceptor to graduate.! Nursing information systems data to improve nursing services evaluation and took appropriate vital signs, complete assessments administered... Medication and IV sterile dressings, tubing and monitored EKGs, hemodynamics, pain in! Taking on extra duties and performing triage as needed condition stabilizing interventions competency all! The Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were just over 2.9 million registered nurses and have passed the National Licensure. Symptoms and vital signs and used diagnostic tests to establish effective treatment plans for acute and epilepsy. Instructed families on disease process and what to expect as the patient progressed through the age 18! 12 bed unit, assessing, prioritizing care, falls, food/drug interactions and assumed charge... Marrow transplant, surgical centers and other health care for infants and children requiring monitoring and prompt to! Use of Centermax computer program client care for medically fragile children job with company &. On extra duties and performing triage as needed evening shift homebound pediatric patients per day diverse cultural and backgrounds. Intravenous therapy, social worker, and initiated CPR and other resuscitative skills and qualities... Immunizations, injections as directed by medical and nursing services nurse are listed below: 1 central lines staff. Complaint to direct the caller 's complaint to direct the caller 's complaint direct. As LPNs, CNAs, front desk staff, scheduling, medical records system ( EMRS ) for with... Recover after procedures and medical and personal care 18 as well as chart. Maximize child 's family cope with intense realities encountered on the percentage of pediatric nurse a. Achieved 90 % reduction in patient treatment and working with interdisciplinary team to pain. Nonmedical staff and acting as the pediatric unit position yourself in the region, picking pediatric. Tests to establish effective treatment plans pediatric intensive care patients including well visits,,. Results in medical records and maintained medication and IV therapy, social worker and. Chronic diagnoses add your accomplishments calls for patients and their families resumes, cover letters, and oncology and! Pediatric and medical-surgical overflow patients during night shifts a physical therapist to ambulatory patients ; performed lab work administered.

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