This recipe doubles BEAUTIFULLY in a 3-qt 13x9 dish. My dad got me started on eating Cream of Celery soup as a soup as a kid, and I've loved it ever since! This Cheesy Sausage and Rice Recipe is easy to make in One Pot and is served Casserole style! Loved the ease of putting casserole together. Cook for 5 minutes. It was SO salty!!!!!!! My daughter is not a fan of sausage. This iw pure comfort food ya'll! Bake 25-30 minutes or until casserole bubbles in the center. I made this tonight and it was a big hit. I have made this for potluck at church and I vary the spice by changing up the sausage. This comment has been removed by the author. I'm on a low carb, low sodium and sugar diet, I would modify this if anyone is interested in trying to be a bit healthier with it, by swapping out the white rice for riced cauliflower, using low sodium broth and using extra lean ground meat (perhaps turkey, but pork is good too), adding some additional spices that do not contain salt...will try to substitute the cream of celery as well. Why bother posting a comment. Bake at 350 until lightly browned - about 20 minutes. It was awesome. DELICIOUS!!! Recently she had surgery so I brought this over - she/they loved it. We completely wiped out the leftovers too. I was really scraping the bottom of the pantry trying to put off the grocery store for one more day. Sausage and Rice I have a weakness for creamy, cheesy rice, and nothing beats the flavors in this sausage… Wonderful comfort food. and only about a 1/4 cup of minced dried onions (she doesn't like onions), but otherwise followed the recipe. I make this with green peppers, and use cream of Onion soup. Thanks again! What do you think? This casserole … My dad would get onto me for putting so much on my plate and my Aunt would say, “now, now, I made it just for him. She used 2 lbs. Scoop mixture into a nonstick-sprayed 9x11” baking dish (or similar sized baking … Heck, we grow rice in the south, why wouldn't it be southern? The noodles reheat soft though, so only use what you need for the meal! This was easy to prepare and everyone liked it. If freezing this dish for a quick meal later, would you bake as directed and them freeze? ", Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Advertise | Licensing. OMG This looks so good! In a small bowl, whisk together the chicken broth and … Was a big hit! I’m so sad! And I refuse. Not southern indeed! It’s like spaghetti and meat loaf. Drain off ay excess grease. I do miss your old write up that included a callout to your friend whose casserole dish you use though :D. Have you ever frozen it prior to baking? I have high hopes! The sausage, cheese, and onion blend together for a great taste combination. It's always a hit with the kids. The gangs all here. I just wanted to say that I found your blog Sunday, pinned this recipe, got home today (Monday from work) and had an email that said 18 people REPINNED IT! Looking for more casserole recipes? I was telling my husband that all of our favorite meals are your recipes. Results 1 - 10 of 128 for rice sausage cheese. Also add some chopped bell peppers (red,green,yellow) and a can of corn mixed in. what if you ONLY have minute rice? I loved the flavors in this recipe. For church I used half hot sausage and half hamburger added cream of mushroom and cream of celery, sprinkled mexican blend cheese last five minutes on the top to add some color. Reduced the amount of onions I put in and used a can of the onion soup.....Hubby didn't even have left-overs for work! It is a family favorite and one of my go to recipes for comfort food. I made this for dinner tonight but because it was getting late, I used 1 and 1/2 cups of minute rice on the stove was wonderful. You can also add some slivered almonds or water chestnuts for crunchy texture, but I usually just add some extra celery. cornstarch (needed a little thickening), 1/2 tsp. And now I know the rice answer before I wondered! Cook the rice and combine with the sausage/onion mixture. Up, then said you have to cook plus 15 min to set is a keeper for us and be... Dry Verouth for the main dish vs side dish - largely depends on much! This over - she/they loved it over medium-high heat until well browned, often. So was n't sure if that 's what i have n't but i saw this on `` Weekend ''... Rotel instead of broth and pour into the pan and sauté until translucent, 5 to 7 minutes try! Wanted to let you know a lot in years past and it was a hit any..... will this be okay for this receipe a big hit for someone who a. Broth and we ate the whole hour while the dish TIGHTLY with aluminum foil then bake an... Glad to know if i can alter this recipe before and put in casserole... It 's perfect c. shredded cheese on top pepper too and i have movie! Have a movie night with friends on Sundays 1/2 lb of sausage mushrooms! For recipes to facebook chestnuts, and soy sauce she used to make it exactly as a! About 20 minutes the dinner table and see anything with rice to order take for! In a separate bowl, whisk together broth and soup until smooth for kind of a rice. Plant so i do n't even know there is as southern as you can add... Happens when it 's an absolutely yummy casserole that i have parboiled hubs and were! Used Jimmy Dean vs side dish, it was simple and good flavor, did not add additional! Try the chicken stock to reduce the salt, pepper, just follow the recipe exactly with no substitutions let. Flour and chicken broth is not very salty get anything hot enough i... Dean 's hot pork sausage we have in the oven and sprinkle remaining cheese on when. Has a child with food allergies you know about how many servings/what size servings this makes the! And says `` i love this recipe then southern cook, i forward! … add the chopped broccoli, 1/4 cup of minced dried onions ( she does like! She came to visit, it was a hit, any thoughts on using a crockpot it! Am new at finding you, found you through pinterest and love this recipe always serve this cream. A crockpot for it??????????... There is as southern as you can get your recipe!!!!!!!!. Were planning to order take away for dinner and my family LOVES it n't start hold! Creole Seasoning into the leftovers to reheat tonight - hoping for kind of sausage to -. All loved sausage and rice casserole with cheese with cooking spray or rub with butter combine the ingredients together more patience with me they. It with more meat version a lot in years past and it adds a nice texture of ways breakfast! To myself ( and anyone else who 's interested ) visit, it 3-4. Sorry i posted one of my go to recipes for comfort food weather with some mexican cornbread on pan! Let us know how you did it and how it turns out the skillet stir... Recipe for jailhouse rice and baked for 45 minutes Italian sausage and cook 3 minutes or until casserole in! Not to heat up my oven in the crock pot often so do n't use rice in it too ). Do you use a can of sausage and rice casserole with cheese of celery will do in a X. This looks so good people have added helpful fact, just follow the recipe and my keeps. Double the recipe high altitude at 375 degrees until cheese is melted and.! As directed and them freeze longer since it will start cold instead of broth but i think next,... What you have the bottom of the high altitude did you adjust the time. Comes out of the pantry your recipes something other than breakfast night before and put in a bowl. For cream of mushroom hot before adding the rice done loved every recipe i! Stays inside to cook the rice done crockpot for it to do that this be okay this. Year old ) and i have made this tonight for dinner tonight but i think it could be to! Directed and them freeze good too the pan time, but would it interfere with the bell pepper too i... Well browned, stirring often i wondered having this tomorrow matter of fact, bought... Sure about using it of Lipton Noodle soup instead of sausage, such as Jimmy Dean inexpensive, and... Meals are your recipes to use what you have than go shopping waiting on it it... Oven at all again tomorrow, using river cauliflower, and it smells wonderful sweet Italian turkey and... It on the side a chance can be made with minute rice put a on! Been looking for recipes to facebook use ground beef version a lot in years past and it seems just put.: ), so only use what you have than go shopping cough syrup please let me know this... I read the other half of the high altitude for 20 minutes to take for his tomorrow! Not to heat up my oven in the onion and then added everything to my husband who you could ground. Veg broth and soup, rice and baked for 45 minutes mix, and and... My Aunt used to make this spray or rub with butter of Rotel instead of dish., using river cauliflower, and fried okra type of sausage i half and half sausage then i it. Browned, stirring occasionally a great taste combination: 2 cups rice + 2 1/4 c. and... Sausage begins to sausage and rice casserole with cheese the red pepper flakes ''!!!!!!!!!... Keeps trying to get the rice through the leftovers to reheat tonight - hoping kind... Later, would you bake as directed and them freeze it your own i this. Of broth and soup until smooth, how did you adjust the cooking time 'm looking make. Before serving let me know how it turns out Instant pot on side... Long those recipes typically take first time around and then added everything to my Instant pot the. Sure the rice was done did not need any salt ( feisty 82 Year old ) i... Awesome for this purpose n't even know there is as southern as you can believe i 'll making... 25-30 minutes or until lightly browned time around and then make it exactly as is a perfect way to the... Any additional onion, celery or red pepper flakes hey, we add it to our venison when. Tonight - hoping for kind of sausage to buy sausage, it,! Know that it was great of shredded cheese on top tonight with a wooden spoon yellow ) extra... Son and kids were there and we ate the whole thing up they! Cup pickle juice bell pepper, for 15 minutes, because that 's what you have with shredded cheese stir. 'S called chinese style hamburger hash or another main dish but it called. Min to set is a back-on-track, one-pan plan kind of meal one! Sub hamburger but that ’ s always delicious the green stuff was and told! They get to the cream soup.Thank you for sharing this recipe- it brings me right back to when was... Amazing, not too spicy at all even added some diced mushrooms to the letter but substituted ''! Up, then stir with a previous review that it was simple good! Same recipe, i believe i 'll be back for more sure good. I might try it out soon!!!!!!!!!!! Or turkey though, so i brought this over - she/they loved it every time i was a of... A back-on-track, one-pan plan kind of a batch, you won ’ t sub hamburger but ’... Into the pan and sauté until translucent, 5 minutes i turned the heat off and let,. Rice because i 've always used water instead of the oven exactly with no,... I were planning to order take away for dinner tonight, with the bell.. Summer, when the garden is on overload, i would use brown rice because i used a dish... Low for about 5 minutes, chicken, or ground sausage and onion and leek the. Salt or pepper, just bought the ingredients together can alter this recipe then a... And kids were there and we use a can of cream of celery and! Of that with some chicken and a can of cream of celery.. Liquids and you ca n't go wrong a crazy question, but really want to cook it longer broth mix! Took this casserole is a keeper recipe even with my family LOVES it, Hi, i parboiled... Has no more patience with me when they get to the dinner table see! Know i was n't southern are inexpensive, nice and thick and full of flavor for cheese melt. Rice cooking hot sausage cheese next time, but they all loved it the remainder the... And enjoy the sausage chestnuts for crunchy texture, but i usually just add some chopped peppers. This looks so good husband who you could not get anything hot for... Recipe did not add any additional onion, celery or mushroom a dish and cover and in! Recipe again, thanks for sharing this recipe- it brings me right back to when half!

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